Creating a character

Choose a class

Warriors are survivors proficient in fighting and combat of all varieties. Psychics are gifted with unique mental powers. Experts have expertise in a wide range of useful skills.

Note down your class’ special ability. For warriors, it is the ability to evade any one hit during a given fight, while experts can re-attempt a failed skill use once per hour and psychics have the ability to gain psionic powers.


Choose attributes

These attributes describe your character in broad strokes. Are they strong, fast, persuasive, smart, or something else?

Pick a background package.

Backgrounds grant skills. Skills are measured in levels, ranging from 0 for those with minimal training to 5 or higher for the greatest practitioners in the galaxy. Background skills start at level 0.


Pick a training package from your class

Training packages reflect common skills and education for a certain type of character. Choose one appropriate to your character concept and record the granted skills on your character sheet.

Choose a homeworld

Either pick one from a list provided or else make up the details of your own.

You should take a moment to make a brief description of your character’s homeworld. Details such as its name, level of technology, and a general idea of its government should be noted down. Most modern frontier worlds are at a tech level sufficient to make basic starships, primitive energy weapons, and sprawling fusion power plants. A tech level above this point should be cleared with the GM, as such planets are very rare.

Planets with functioning psychic training academies are uncommon. Naturally, any psychic character is going to either have to come from such a world or have acquired their training on one, as the use of untrained psychic powers is inevitably corrosive to the user’s sanity and health. Whether or not the psychic character is still in the service of their homeworld is for you to decide.

Record the hit points for your character.

Psychics start with 6, Experts start with 8, and Warriors start with 12.

A character reduced to zero hit points is dead or mortally wounded, and only quick application of biopsionic healing powers or advanced medical tech can hope to revive him.

Choose languages

Your character speaks English and your world’s native tongue if that differs.

Characters who wish to speak more languages should invest in the Languages skill or pick up the Cultured attribute.

Buy starting equipment

Spend 400 plus 1d6 * 100 credits on equipment of Tech Level 4 or lower. Any money unspent can be retained for later purchases.

Form bonds

The feelings, thoughts, and shared memories that tie your group together. Each bond is a simple statement that relates your character to another player character.

Psychics: Select primary discipline

This discipline starts at level 1, and each time you go up an experience level, it rises by one point as well. Once it reaches level 9, you need to pick a new primary discipline in which to advance.

Aside from this, you may choose to gain level 1 proficiency in a second psychic discipline. Each time you go up an experience level, you can spend another point either in this discipline or a new one. No discipline can be rated higher than your experience level.

Lastly, you need to record your psi power points. For a first level psychic, this maximum is 2. Each time you go up a level, you should add the additional points given on the psychic experience table.

Review how psionic powers work.

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Creating a character

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