Skill checks

If you lack even level 0 in the relevant skill, you suffer disadvantage on your roll. Awkward circumstances or bad tools might apply additional penalties, though usually not more than -2. By the same token, exceptionally good equipment or a favorable situation might grant bonuses of up to +2 to the roll, or even more if the stars align perfectly.

The difficulty number of a skill check varies from 6, for the easiest tasks that are worth checking, up to 14 or more for a feat that only a legendary expert could hope to accomplish some of the time.

In competing directly with another person during a skill check, both characters roll and the largest result wins. Ties are rerolled if the outcome doesn’t make sense.

Your character is assumed to be competent at all the ordinary functions of their role and background. They will never fail at basic tasks unless some situation makes them much harder than usual

Difficulty Examples
6 A relatively simple task that is still more than the PC would usually be expected to manage in their regular background. Anything easier than this isn’t worth a skill check.
8 A significant challenge to a competent professional that they’d still succeed at more often than not.
10 Something too difficult to be expected of anyone but a skilled expert, and even they might fail.
12 Only a true master could expect to carry this off with any degree of reliability.
14+ Only a true master has any chance of achieving this at all, and even they will probably fail.

2: 2.78%
3: 5.56%
4: 8.33%
5: 11.11%
6: 13.89%
7: 16.67%
8: 13.89%
9: 11.11%
10: 8.33%
11: 5.56%
12: 2.78%

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Skill checks

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